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Welcome to Mousawat Organization

Mousawat organization was established in 2008 by Norwegian People’s Aid to handle its rehabilitation and disability program that was established in 1983, this was a part of a localization process that NPA conducted to transfer its operational programs to local partners.

Mousawat as a rights-based organization focuses on achieving the following overall strategic goal and objectives:

Strategic goal

Improve the quality of life for marginalized communities through the development, implementation and delivery of evidence based programmes and quality services in a participatory manner.

To achieve the overall strategic goal, Mousawat will work on implementing four objectives:

  • Sustain and expand the delivery of quality services to disabled people through an enlarged network of clinics and portfolio of services.
  • Improve public awareness to rights of marginalised communities, primarily disabled people, and advocate for policy improvements.
  • Provide quality inclusive and integrated services and opportunities to marginalised communities.
  • Build Mousawat professional and research capacity to inform development and implementation of programmes and delivery of services.

To move towards these objectives, Mousawat focuses on the following eight themes of interventions:

  1. Rehabilitation and health services: provide professional rehabilitation services that help people with disabilities overcome their physical, emotional and environmental difficulties.
  2. Health: promote equal access to health services and related facilities.
  3. Accessibility: offer tools and services that promotes mobility , and makes the environment accessible to people with disabilities, and provide corrective and assistive devices.
  4. Participation: to ensure that people with disabilities enjoy all benefits of citizenship; remove barriers to equal participation in public life and leisure activities; promote the provision of quality community-based services.
  5. Equality: combat discrimination based on disability and promotes equal opportunities.
  6. Employment: encourage both people with disabilities and employers to encourage obtaining skills and environments that support employment of people with disabilities.
  7. Education and training: promote inclusive education and lifelong learning for students and pupils with disabilities to enable disabled people to participate fully in society and improve their quality of life. 
  8. Social protection: promote decent living conditions, combat poverty, discrimination, GBN and social exclusion.

  Currently, the disability program of Mousawat is conducting the following activities and projects in the following locations:

  • A multipurpose rehabilitation center in Mar Elias camp / Beirut.
  • An outreach rehabilitation program in the camps of North and south Lebanon, Baddawi, Bus and Rachedieh camps
  • A joint rehabilitation project with PRCS in Saida Area.
  • A specialized school for disabled children in Al Bus camp/Tyr,
  • An early intervention unit in Saida area
  • A rehabilitation center in Bar Elias area in mid Bekaa.
  • A mobile rehabilitation unit to offer services to Syrian and Palestinian people with disabilities.
  • An UNICEF funded project to facilitate inclusion of children with disabilities in regular schools and kindergartens in all Palestinian camps.
  • An empowerment center in Ein El Hilwe camp.
  • A youth empowerment training program for social workers.
  • A joint program with UNRWA to maintain the database of Palestinian people with disabilities in Lebanon.
  • A technical aids assistive devices and mobility tools program.
  • A protection support unit to the Palestinian union for people with disabilities and Syrian disabled groups

Mousawat is well established organization, all necessary administrative and managerial procedures are documented and executed, and this is applied on: chain of command, internal communication procedures, financial and HR manuals, and procurement procedures guide.

The necessary competence to implement this project is available on the administrative, financial and technical levels, according to the below diagram.

Mousawat has three levels of auditing, internal and external besides a yearly organizational auditing.

Monitoring and evaluation is a day today process, conducted by the senior staff and regular external consultants.

Mousawat abides by the local laws of employment in terms of NSSF, taxation and yearly reporting to the interior ministry.