Caring persons with disabilities by spinal cord injury


Kind of project:

Therapeutic / Awareness

Place of the project:

Dardghayah- Tyre- south Lebanon

Description of the project:

The project opened in May 2014 in partnership with the Imam Sadr Foundation and the Norwegian People Aids (NORVAC), the project offers echography tests of the bladder and urine also offers training on intermittent catheter which is the best means of maintaining the integrity of the kidneys to the target group

Goals of the project:

Providing specialized examination for people with spinal cord injury and paralysis of the lower or quadriplegia about caring kidney and urinary system.

Training these people to urinary tract care techniques.

Provision of equipment and personal departments of such persons (a fully or sterile catheters, urine bags ….)

Target Group:

Persons with spinal cord injury from all ages and both genders.

Annual General Budget:


Results for 3 years:

  1. First Year:

Preview 34 cases and provide all the required tests and training.

It has been provided 11 beneficiaries of the equipment required to perform the intermittent catheter.