Providing corrective devices, artificial limbs, hearing aids and mobility aids


Place of the project:

All working places of Mousawat

Kinds of project:


Description of the project:

The program constitutes a basic pillar of the services of persons with disabilities in Lebanon. It provides for persons with disabilities all they need for the movement of equipment, rehabilitation and personal care.

It is the following:

– Wheelchairs of all types.

-.Artificial limbs

– Hearing aids

– Corrective devices

– Catheters and urine bags

– Water and air mattresses

Goals of the project:

– Providing persons with disabilities needs of the movement and communication, independence and personal care.

– Awareness of persons with disabilities and their families and the community about the needs of persons with disabilities

Target Group:

500 beneficiaries yearly

Annual General Budget:


Results for 3 years:

  1. First Year:

324 beneficiaries

  1. Second Year:

480 beneficiaries

  1. Third Year :

430 beneficiaries