Mousawat Center for Communication and Education

Kind of project:

Educational specialized / rehabilitation / Awareness / vocational support

Location of the project:

Tyre/ Al-Buss camp.

Description of the project:

Mousawat center for communication and education is a project of Mousawat organization; the center was established in Tyr area in 1994 to facilitate the social development and integration of children with disabilities in the region, and the surrounding areas. The centre mainly targets children who are deaf, hard of hearing, and other physical and educational difficulties.

The center provides education according to the official curriculum of the basic levels of schooling for those children who cannot be included in UNRWA’s schools or covered by UNRWA in special institutions.

Besides that, the centre Provides extracurricular activities, and assists those who stop the educational program to acquire a vocational skill and employment.

NBC is the only center in the area that caters to the educational needs of children with disabilities.

The program works closely with UNRWA and the members of the Palestinian Disability Forum persons with disabilities

Activities of the project:

  • Academic program (5days /week, 6 periods/ day for nine months) Specialized education for children with hearing disabilities, speech difficulties, learning difficulties, cerebral palsy mental disabilities (simple and mental retardation, Down syndrome,) and cases of communicative difficulties. From kindergarten (2 years and half old) till grade seven (16 years).
  • vocational training: we transfer young people after the age of 16 to institutes and associations that provide vocational education, each according to his disability and the profession chosen by the young and that are commensurate with the disability has, and we are follow them until the end and then follow them in training places and then find places of work for them and are follow to facilitate communication process between. them and employers to gain access to community integration phase (16 young).
  • Educating and empowering parents, team and social workers in local organizations (Awareness and training workshops: We educate about disabilities and children with disabilities and their capabilities and enable them to methods of communication and education for their children and involve them in the education process and communicating with local community organizations and schools through coordination and sharing inclusion activities between children with disabilities and children without disabilities).
  • Provide tools and assistive devices: facilitating the process for persons with disabilities assistive devices through institutions and donor organizations.

Goals of the project:

1- Providing special education, inclusion support, vocational placement and rehabilitation to 70 children with disabilities in the camps in the south of Tyr, Rachedieh, Al Bus and Borg El Shamali, the children are Palestinians, Syrians and Palestinian refugees from Syria.

2- Providing these children with their needs of rehabilitation and mobility tools

3- Providing guidance and training to 70 families on home care and rehabilitation techniques.

5- Spreading awareness in the local community about the rights of people with disabilities

Target Group:

The total number of beneficiaries is 70 disabled children & young men and women and their families, 32 will benefit from the in class education, 20 are being offered support inside UNRWA schools and18 will benefit from vocational training and job placement

Annual General Budget: