Early Intervention Unit

Place of the project:

Saida – Hamshary Hospital – 5th Floor

Description of the project:

Early Intervention Unit Center offers integrated treatment services for Palestinian children who are within the area of ​​Siada from day old until 11 years old and this group of society suffers from a significant lack of health, therapeutic, educational and social insurance.

Early Intervention Unit  Center in 2008 within the Hamshari fifth floor hospital offers multiple services (physical therapy – Speech therarpy – Occupational  – educational –  psychological – home visits) as well as the preparation and submission of awareness sessions workshops for parents and educators kindergartens and the local community as well as recreational activities targeted to children inside and outside the center.

Goals of the project:

  1. Development of the child’s personality, talents and physical abilities, psychological, mental, and social, to the maximum extent.
  2. Provide opportunities for the child in order to achieve the maximum development of the abilities of physical, mental and social.
  3. Urged the children to depend on themselves to have a capacity to be active in the society.

Target Group:

  1. Children from the age of day and till 11 years
  2. parents of children
  3. Local community
  4. kindergartens teacher and educational institutions


Annual General Budget:

The general budget of the project in the year approximately $ 100,000 (one hundred thousand US dollars)


Results for 3 years:

First year :

  1. Coordination among centers, institutions, doctors and individuals resulting to increase the knowledge of center and the services it provides to increase the number of children that transferred  to receive the service
  2. Number of children finish the treatment inside the center after they achieved all the goals


Second Year :

  1. Integrate children within educational institutions, kindergartens, special institutions and schools.
  2. Awareness session for parents and local community related to disability, and rights


Third Year :

  1. Coordination between a number of institutions to provide services and medical materials and helping tools.
  2. Increase the number of children who receive the services at the center
  3. Gain confidence of doctors and institutions inside community
  4. Providing a high quality of service led to finish a number of children’s therapy sessions based on reports from specialist doctors
  5. Increase specialists inside the center led to the increase in the number of children benefiting from services
  6. Increase awareness among parents and children to accept significantly through the work and activities aimed at workshops


Activities Center: –

  • As follow:

The number of physical therapy sessions ————- 3745 session

Number of speech therapy sessions ————- 675 session

Number of Occupational Therapy sessions ————- 1585 session

Number of psychological follow-up sessions ————- 240 session

Number of educational follow-up sessions ————- 360 educational follow-up

The number of institutions that are coordinating with them ————- 210 Foundation

The number of home visits 600 ————- visit

  • Lectures workshops awareness session for parents/ Teachers of kindergartens / pregnant women/ special institution to increase awareness among members of the local community
  • Prepare educational activities for children inside and outside the center