Al Awsat Center for Community Rehabilitation and Empowerment

Location of the project:

Lebanon- Bakaa- Main Street- Alfydah crossroads

Kind of project:

Services / Rehabilitation / Therapeutic

Description of the project:

The project launched in May 2015, to provide rehabilitation for residents in the Bekaa region in the area of population and refugees

Goals of the project:

  1. Provide rehabilitative services treatments of physiotherapy and my occupational, speech and Psychotherapy.
  2. To provide mobility and hearing aids and the corrective devices for targeted groups in the region.
  3. Provide advice and counseling to the families of persons and children with disabilities in the region.


– Provide specialized treatment sessions.

– Organizing awareness and guidance sessions.

– Organization of community activities.

Target Group:

  1. Persons with disabilities of Lebanese, Palestinians and Syrians in the region.
  2. The families of persons with disabilities.
  3. The local community

Annual General Budget:

40800 U.S Dollar



– During the last period the center gave physical therapy for 70 people, also provided through other projects, many of the mobility and corrective devices for people and children with disabilities in the region.

– Many awareness and counseling sessions for groups of people held in various types of disability.