Moussawat is a specialized organization which was established find bride comments in 2008 to take over the projects which were yet operating directly by Norwegian People’s Aid since 1983. This localization process aims at handling these projects to a local organization to maintain sustainability and find other sources for funding.

Mousawat runs the professional center in Beirut which works as a professional back bone of the program and offers professional support to the outreach program which cooperates with all partners in all areas of Lebanon.

Although Moussawat has been registered in hookup sites uk 2008 as a rights-based civil society organization, its work is rooted in the local community for more than 25 years. Moussawat has been established as a result of the localization process that Norwegian People’s Aid had initiated in a plan to become non-operational and work through local partners. The disability program that NPA has successfully run for over 25 years and that has delivered extensive services and made a huge impact, still responds to several fundamental and unattended-for needs within the local community especially to those of persons with disabilities. As these needs continue to be a priority, the former NPA program has been transferred to Moussawat, a local, independent, non-governmental organization that aims to address the needs and issues of the local community while still cooperating closely with NPA and other concerned stakeholders.

Moussawat plans to contribute into filling this gap by serving persons with disabilities without any discrimination may they be Lebanese or Palestinian. As such Moussawat will gladly take the challenge to advocate for the ratification and implementation of the CRPD in Lebanon as well as continue to advocate for the rights of the Palestinian people at the local, regional and international arenas. Moreover, Moussawat also plans to follow the lead in the ‘social model of disability’ and work systemically to identify and address barriers, negative attitudes and exclusion factors that contribute to disabling people.